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What Can You Gain From 3D Measurement Services? Check This Out!

3D scanning has revolutionised a wide range of industries, from shoe design to supercar manufacturing. This modern measurement technology works quickly and accurately, capturing digital information about the shape of an object using a laser or light. It can measure very small objects all the way up to full-size aeroplanes. This is why it’s no surprise that more and more business owners are investing in 3D measurement services for their products.

You have probably thought about acquiring 3D measurement services, but aren’t sure if it’s worth investing your money on. To convince you, here are some of its other benefits.


3D measurement can be used at the design stage by starting with a physical object and using it to design a CAD model. Oftentimes, designers need to work around or fit their design to existing objects. These mating parts can also be scanned and incorporated into the design, resulting in parts that fit better consistently. The process of using an existing manufactured part to create a CAD model is often referred to as reverse engineering or reverse modelling. By utilising this, new designs can incorporate and improve upon engineering optimisation already inherent to the manufactured part.

Quality control

3D measurement systems are designed to analyse the existing condition of parts after they have been manufactured. Typically, non-contact technology is used to quickly inspect the overall shape and size of parts, quickly detecting issues, such as part warpage or overall scale issues. Contact inspections are well suited to analyse bolt-hole locations, bores, bosses and other prismatic features. 3D scanning is used in combination with statistical analysis software to maintain and predict quality in manufacturing.


With less time and labour being spent during the measurement acquisition and design iteration steps, 3D measurement is substantially more cost-effective than most other technologies. Moreover, these non-contact measurement technologies are cost-effective as they can be outsourced easily to companies that specialise in 3D solutions. This can reduce costs related to labour and operator training.


Worker safety is the primary concern for construction sites, and 3D measurement can improve on this aspect for surveying. The portable 3D scanners used for surveying can record accurate measurements from any distance up to several hundred meters. This can help keep operators safe when the survey area is dangerous due to topography or toxic conditions, such as chemical or nuclear facilities. In addition, proximity must be closely monitored. What’s more, the time operators may be exposed to these conditions will be reduced with the speed of this technology.


Depending on the environment wherein the scan is conducted and the specifics of the 3D measurement software, high accuracy can be expected almost every time. This high level of accuracy helps ensure that measurements are correct the first time. Therefore, less work is needed to complete subsequent steps in design and production.

The wave of the future

Among the best benefits of this 3D technology is probably the scanner. This is considered the wave of the future. It’s what companies today will need to continue to use if they are going to be successful. It’s also what companies in the future will need, as it becomes more popular. While a company might be able to get away without using it at the moment, there will come a time when almost everyone will basically have to use it, or that company will no longer remain competitive. That’s important to realise that since it greatly affects business planning and costs, it may have to incur as time moves along and customers demand more from their products and services, along with the companies that provide them.

Getting a new product to market

For any company that wants to be successful and stay highly competitive, scanning in 3D is going to become even more important in the future. Products that get to market too late aren’t going to do customers any good, and the company that comes out with something new first will generally be the one to see those customers flocking to what they have to offer. This provides similar products later will probably still pick up some market share, but they don’t have the advantage that was earned by the first company.

These are just some of the advantages of acquiring 3D measurement services for your business. Without a doubt, it can truly be a great investment that will give you long-term success in your industry. This includes customer satisfaction from your products, increased in revenue, and a good reputation. So if you have decided to consider using non-contact measurement technology for your business, make sure to seek the services of a reliable provider. That way, you are guaranteed to get nothing but highly effective solution for your business needs.

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